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Anonymous asked:
Hey guys I was wondering whether you wanted to see the new Wolverine film with me? I mean I'm a total x-men sorta geek! It would be great fun!-Tara

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hiiiiiii! x

vytash asked:
I think Ed should have a girlfriend with dark features because Harry likes girls with bright features. She'll be quite and artistic as well. Also a writer. She's the kind of girl that you'll always find staring off into space, with headphones on. Her negative point will be that's she's very depressed. She doesn't self-harm or anything though. She's strong but sometimes she just has to let it all out so she locks herself in a room and cries for an hour. She'll look at herself in while she cries

ahhh that sounds like a really good idea someone should write a fanfic about her and ed :~)



requested Styles twins and Louis :)

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peel-the-love asked:
How do they make it look so reall!???

magic ~

or a lot of practice on photoshop

hiimkaylaandthisismyblog asked:
how do you know what one is harry and wat one is ed ??

you can decide yourself, but usually ed is taller and sometimes has glasses x


→ Harry and Edward Styles interview .